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CLEADOC introduces Virtual CLEA Screening (VCS) feasible anytime, anywhere. CLEADOC enables “Really Clean Free” premises and environment, reactivates the economy, and eliminating social stress. Our team are aspired towards protecting human lives against screenable infectious viral diseases.

  • Curated Steps designed by Doctors

    Perform a Virtual CLEADOC Screening by just following the in-app steps, designed carefully by our Medical Doctors.

  • Visual Test Communication

    We utilises simple photo and video functionalities to draw maximum amount of information for our Doctors to perform verification.

  • Authentic Clinic Test Report

    CLEADOC automatically generates Authentic Clinic Test Report to suit to your everyday use.

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  • The CLEA Certificate

    Our system implement counting timer on your CLEADOC Certificate since your last successful screening accompanied with test results.

  • Test Integrity is our priority!

    With our state of the art real time TAC generation mechanism, our system ensures unique codes to minimise possibilities of test frauds.

  • Test Logs Ready

    A unified test logs to track current and previous test results together with crucial credentials.

Explore our list of Panel Clinics!

These are our All Start Clinics and Doctors who took the extra miles to join the cause of helping Malaysia to attain a national level screening capacity!

All CLEA Panel Clinics are registered under the list of Malaysia’s MOH registered clinic for Covid-19 screening.

Be a CLEA Practitioner NOW!

Our test requests are growing rapid since the beginning of our venture. We are actively looking for Doctors and Clinics to be apart of our force! Our purpose is to help the country to achieve collective and communal screening capacity through CLEADOC.

Please email us with your MMC No. and detailed particulars so that our Medical Officer can be in touch with you real quick!

We don’t share your personal information with anyone or company.
Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.

Get your Doctor's Clinic Test Report Now!

Download CLEADOC from all application stores to experience your Virtual CLEA Screening immediately! It’s proven easy and convenient!

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Problems We Solve!

The Virtual CLEA Screening (VCS) is a brand new endemic self screening culture, guided by our mobile app interface which the entire process is curated and verified by registered Doctors/ Medical Professionals. As the creator, our Founding Doctors understand the struggle of Doctors doing onsite screening hence a series of following risk.

Bye! Cross Infection!

Reduces chances of cross infections during physical screening for Doctors and Users.

Free & Easy Self Screening!

Covid-19 RTK Antigen Self Test no longer bound to geographical constraints

Affordable to all!

By implementing sharing economy models, we are cost efficient for Doctors and Users.

No Geographical Constraints

CLEADOC can be downloaded from anywhere, and be used physically in Malaysia.

Humongous Screening Capacity for the Nation!

Speed up country’s collective screening speed leveraging on sharing economy.

Real Doctors! Real Verifications!

As an app created by Doctors, we will attend to everyone, up close and personally!

How to perform Virtual Covid-19 Screening

Client Reviews

Since 1st of October 2021, we have been adding values to all of our valuable clients and generic users. With absolute professionalism and care, we believe we can journey through this Covid-19 endemic safer.

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Perform your Covid-19 Test Comfortably Anywhere, Anytime!

We have created CLEA to allow performance of Covid-19 Self Screening Fully Virtual, mainly aim to transform the process of Self-Screening into a phenomenon cozy enough yet powerfully credible!

Too Easy To Use

All curated process in CLEA is designed by on ground Medical Doctors through out the entire Covid-19 era, hence the ease and friendliness.

Managing Your Test Results Professionally

As an application created by the Doctors, we are obsessed with precision and professionalism for your test verification!

Test. Show. Repeat.

As a solution believed to be disruptive for everyone, we hope to reduce repetitive risk of infections with quality professional test verifications, and its available anytime, anywhere for you!

CLEADOC for Business

Our founders have holistic Covid-19 Management tool designed and intended for HR use. It covers real time test results, status, red flags etc.

Professional Administered RTK-Ag

CLEADOC serves as a platform that connects your employees and our panel clinics to perform contactless Professional RTK-Ag test.

MySejahtera Update

Quick update of RTK-Ag result to employee’s MySejahtera profile.

Covid-19 Clinical Test Report

Upon doctor’s verification, employees will obtain a Covid-19 Clinical Test Report

Covid-19 Management System

HR Department able to Monitor & Track employees’ Covid-19 status & Last Screen Date

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry, we are Doctors, people ask us questions all the time.

For registration, do ensure Full Name & IC/Passport is as per registered in MySejahtera profile, to enable the result to link.

CLEADOC app is operating 24 hours for anyone to submit their virtual RTK test. No bookings will be required at all, and you can start your test anytime anywhere, please note that the doctor’s active time is 8am – 11pm, if you do your test within these hours, you will get your test report in 1-4 hours, but if you do your test outside these hours, you will get back your result within 8 hours.

CLEADOC app is operating 24 hours for anyone to submit their virtual RTK test. Please note that the doctor’s active time is 8am – 11pm, if you do your test within these hours, you will get test report in 1-4 hours,  but if you do your test outside these hours, you will get back your result within 8 hours. MySejahtera will be updated within 10 hours.

Yes, you can start a test while your ID verification is pending. Your ID verification & test will be verified together by doctor. For the latest version, you will only need to go through this ID verification once, for your next test, you can just start one without the need to verify your ID again.

It is required for anyone older than 18 years old to create their own accounts using their IC/passport and contact number, as medical reports will be sent straight to your app. However, for first-degree family members under 18 years old and above 70 years old, you can register a dependent account for them.

Our platform currently supports tests using any MDA Approved Oral Fluid (All)/ Nasal (Version 1.9 onwards)/ Whistle (Version 1.9 onwards) Antigen Rapid Test Kits and will open for more types of tests soon.

Our 3rd-party payment gateway is still in the midst of enabling overseas banking transactions, your card/bank might have not been enabled yet. However, there are a few options that you can try:

  1. If you have Msian friends/ family, you can try to see if you can top up using their card/ Touch and Go / Ewallet
  2. Please help to check other payment options for yourself if you have Msian card/ Msian Touch and Go/ Ewallet
  3. If you do not have the above, but you/ your family/ friends have a Msian bank account that can make an online transfer, please reach out to CLEADOC helpdesk.
  4. Lastly, you may transfer the amount of RM30 (RM25 for VCS + RM5 for PayPal’s processing fee) to our PayPal account. Just search for @cleadoc on PayPal and transfer. Once the transfer is completed, do come back to us with a screenshot of your transfer proof and we will issue the credit for you.

We only adhere to test kits that are approved by Malaysian Medical Device Authority (MDA) (strongly recommended purchase from pharmacies and clinics), as listed in our application. For pre-departure test from Malaysia, kindly proceed with a nasal test kit.

There is a minimum hardware and software requirement to ensure quality throughout the whole VCS session. Please ensure a minimum of 1GB disk space available and a functioning front and back camera. iOS version 14.0 or above. Android 7.0 or above. Also ensure that your internet connection is stable and your app is in the latest version.

If you are an individual user, just click on the “top up” button on top right of the home page and follow the instructions. You may top up via credit card, iPay88, e-wallet or e-banking.

VCS are procedural. Please follow the steps clearly and accurately. Should you encounter any errors during the test, please restart the app and redo the RTK test with a new test kit. No credit will be deducted if you have not submitted any test.

Once the result in your test appeared to be inconclusive, please restart a new test using a new test kit without submitting the inconclusive test. Your credit will not be deducted if you do not submit a test. But if you have accidentally submitted an inconclusive test, please ensure that you contact our help desk as soon as possible, the credit can be refunded only when the doctor hasn’t verified your test.

Apologies that all credits are non-refundable and non-transferable, but all of the credits you bought do not have an expired date. Your credits can be used for any professional ART virtual test as long as you need to perform one. Unless otherwise agreed by CLEA at its sole discretion, all payments made are non-refundable and irrevocable.

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Pricing Plans

We made charges of CLEA’s usage cozy with uncompromized quality of service.



  • Complete COVID-19 Management System
  • Employees COVID-19 status & verification management dashboards and reports
  • Friendly & effective categorisation functionalities
  • Credit issuing and management features
  • Customizable options

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