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CLEADOC is the largest POCT platform in Malaysia, health tech aggregator and provider, that enables convenient hybrid healthcare solutions for the people.

We are a self funded, homegrown health tech company that started with the vision for prolonging lives through lifestyle utility of primary care and medical technology.

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As the pioneer in Point of Care Testing in South East Asia, we expanded to a hybrid primary healthcare infrastructure with hundreds of Registered Doctors, Clinics Distribution, Smart CMS, Deep AI learning modules, trained user base, ready to benefit continually from CLEADOC's introduction of features, services and facilities.



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As we are driven by Our Mission of Democratising Healthcare, we too are in a frenzy of building meaningful hybrid health infrastructure, both physical and virtual to enable holistic integrated healthcare to our customers and users.

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As we move into the medical technology scene from a traditional one, we re-studied and re-invented a whole new digital consultation experience, notably Virtual Doctor’s session. We provide end to end infra for Doctors to be connected with users along with tools that are intuitively indicative for an effective consultation, always.

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Leading as the entity that sensitised more than a million over POCT tests, our expertise lies in designing the most feasible and viable UIUX for users regardless of tech proficiency to perform an actual, verified, professional, Doctor supervised tests. This increases the flexibility of utility for the public to get test for any specific diseases, enhancing the quality of treatment for early detection.

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CLEADOC with the might of hybrid infrastructure (Clinical – App & CMS – Laboratory), are the biggest supplier of corporate on-site screenings, with range of services that focuses on employees wellfare, upholding early detection and further intervention, with encrypted data bases of personalised In-app personal health record, at your finger tips.

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Responding to the stricter requirements of Occupational Health by DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety & Health) and human rights, we dedicate ourself in providing professional consultation in the Occupational Health arena,  for agendas like health surveillance, health conservation programs, emergency response, medical framework etc.  


CEMRI Also known as CLEADOC Electronic Medical Records Infrastructure is a specially designed, ever evolving Smart CMS system (Both DaaS & SaaS) that are catered to best suit for clinical premises. Being designed by Doctors, we utilise analytical engines and using the same design language that gained tremendous success, coupled with our CLEADOC App, we buffed up the functionalities and softwares that can be utilised even in the most remote areas, ever. 

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Attached with our infrastructure is our one and only, CLEADOC verified market place that hosts more than 800 products, including supplements, medical devices, OTC drugs and many more, since the beginning for 2022. As a coupling feature for our digital infrastructure, we provide high yields with our high app traffic flow, making it good business, while users can enjoy the best products with the best of value. 

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